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About Envirofur

We feature in the Inspiration section of  NZBusiness December 2016 – Hello Possums- Have A Read

Envirofur offers naturally tanned fur products . Our range of products provide the true warmth required for all conditions.

Envirofur is a truly ecologically minded and evolutionary creation of the Green Revolution. It is born out of the need to protect the environment above all else and to provide for the needs of the indigenous species while reducing the introduced threats to our native species in New Zealand.

The 30 million plus, irresponsibly introduced, (No Natural Predators) thus unchecked growth, of possums in New Zealand has been attacked by the Government using the deadly 1080 poison. This poison, however, is responsible for contaminating aquifers and killing other native species. Hiring hunters eliminates the 1080 problem and provides employment in Taranaki. Hunting has been proven to be the only viable alternative. Purchasing any Envirofur Product gives you a quality item and a chance to help in protecting the native environment of a seriously threatened country.

If you have any questions relating to our business please use the form on the contact page to let us know. We are always keen to hear from you.

Envirofur Wins Environmental Award

Environmental Products NZ Ltd has been nominated and selected to receive a Taranaki Regional Council Environmental Award for creating a fashion product from a pest and increasing awareness of the negative environmental impact of possums.

Your range of products increases awareness of the scale of the possum problem and the threat they pose to the region’s biodiversity and economy. Your business also has an important role in providing a solution for disposing of possums.