Special Features

All products have special features that make them a great product. Some of these features include:

  • All our products are made from leather tanned by our patented unique non chemical tanning process.
  • This produces a stronger more flexible and longer lasting leather .
  • This ensures our products are stronger more flexible and longer lasting .
  • Because our leather is stronger there is not the normal requirement to attach a strengthening leather or other material as a backing.
  • Hence our garments are considerably lighter in weight and more comfortable to wear.
  • Because there are no chemicals used there are no chemical residues within the leather or fur, making our garments suitable for people with sensitive skins
  • Opossum fur like polar bear,has a hollow fur fibre.
  • This fibre traps the warm air inside the fibre and will not freeze even in extreme conditions .Oil rig workers working in – 70 degrees Celsius in Siberia,were warm in opossum garments and not hindered by the typically bulky anti freeze suits normally worn.
  • Because the fur is hollow fibre it breathes and allows excess heat to escape preventing sweating, moisture accumulation and odours.
  • Our garments use a leather exterior which has been high speed buffed and oiled with water resistant oils making the leather exterior water resistant.
  • Our garments are sewn using waterproof thread and all edges finished with extra strength binding.
Our colours from left to right: Dark brown, Tan, Red, Black, Red brown, Ruby.